Prambanan temple which According to the history develop until today

Prambanan Temple or Roro Jonggrang is the largest Hindu temple complex in Indonesia, which was built in the 9th century AD. This temple is dedicated to Trimurti, the three main Hindu gods are Brahma the creator god, the god Vishnu as the preserver, and Shiva the god of destruction. Based on the inscription Siwagrha original name of this temple complex is Siwagrha (Sanskrit which means ‘house of Shiva’), and indeed in garbagriha (main hall) of the temple is the statue of Shiva Mahadeva dwells as high as three meters which showed that Lord Shiva in this temple are preferred. This temple complex is located subdistrict Prambanan (Sleman) and Prambanan subdistrict (Klaten) approximately 17 kilometers northeast of Yogyakarta, 50 kilometers southwest of Surakarta and 120 km south of Semarang, just on the border between Central Java and Yogyakarta. It is very unique,

prambanan temple

Prambanan Temple is located in the administrative region Bokoharjo village, Prambanan, Sleman, while the entrance of the Prambanan temple complex located in the administrative region Tlogo village, Prambanan subdistrict (Klaten).

This temple is including the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia, and one of the most beautiful temples in Southeast Asia. The architecture of the building is tall and slender shaped according to the Hindu architecture in general the main Shiva temple as the temple has reached a height of 47 meters in the center of the complex cluster of towering temples smaller. As one of the grandest temples in Southeast Asia, Prambanan temple is the main attraction of tourists visit from all over the world. According Siwagrha inscriptions, this temple was built around the year 850 AD by Rakai Pikatan, and continue to be developed and expanded by Balitung Maha Sambu, during Medang Mataram kingdom.

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Taman Beach is the pride of the community Pacitan districts Ngadirojo

Taman Beach is one of the beach resorts Pacitan society. Taman Beach is located 40 miles east of the city adjacent to Pacitan and precisely in the Taman hamlet, Hadiwarno village, sub district Ngadirojo pacitan. Taman Beach community Ngadirojo district be excellent, because the closest beach and easily accessible by the public. The beach is pristine no diarea coastal development that makes it more beautiful beaches and can provide comfort for visitors. Taman Beach visited by tourists during holidays and at festivals Idhul Fitr. Usually the local committee held some entertainment to revitalize and attract tourists to come to the Taman Beach.

taman beach

The road to the beach park has been pretty good and smooth because it bypassed Trails South (JLS) from the road connecting the city of Yogyakarta to Surabaya past the edge of the southern coast. Taman Beach next 10 years is estimated to be visited by tourists both domestic and foreign. Sailed south traffic lane winding mountain with sea views to the left of the driver that will be made seduced by the natural beauty of Southern Trails. Continue reading

Konang Beach Indonesian pride of the people Panggul, Trenggalek

Konang Beach Indonesian located in the village of Nglebeng, Panggul district, Trenggalek Regency, East Java province, or about 2 Km to the east of the coast of Pelang. Konang beach also has the characteristics of the coastline of nearly 2 miles, Beach Konang indonesia gives the impression for tourists. Beach with big waves and is perfect for surfing. Although suitable for surfing, Konang beach sometimes imposed status “Alert / Danger” at a time when the surf was too big and was not allowed to surf or swim. But the beauty and exoticism of this beach will always amaze in every natural conditions. Konang beach can only be reached by land vehicles or motor cars because of its location away from the airport and train. Travelers who likes challenges Konang Beach indonesia trip is another option for wading beach tourism in Indonesia.

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Pangandaran beach is a prime tourist spot of West Java province

Pangandaran Beach Indonesia is a mainstay attraction Pangandaran district (division of Ciamis Regency) is located in the southeast of West Java, precisely in the Village Pananjung, District Pangandaran, District of Pangandaran, West Java Province indonesia. For the location of Pangandaran Beach is not difficult. Because of the existing trails are very adequate infrastructure. All roads lead Pangandaran Beach is paved hot mix well. For visitors who do not use a personal vehicle, it can use the public transport. When the city of Bandung can use bus or travel directly toward Pangandaran. Or if the bus could stop in Ciamis Regency and then use the bus or car to the kind of elf Pangandaran. The vehicle is present at all times until 10:00 pm.

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Best beach on the island of Bali for all tourists

Best beach on the island of Bali to be visited when there is an opportunity for traveling to Bali. Curious what are the 10 best beaches in the island of Bali that? The following ten best beaches on the island:

Best beach on the island of Bali

Best beach on the island of Bali 1: Virgin Beach

Clear sea water into mainstay Virgin beach. In the first position falls on beaches in the northeastern part of the island of Bali, or in Karangasem regency precisely. The beach is better known among foreigners as Virgin Beach or White Sand Beach is indeed worthy of being the number one beach in the island of Bali. The water is very clear, and turquoise shades of his very beautiful beach. Too bad if you’ve never visited the Virgin beach.

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Pidaan Beach Indonesia has beautiful and as a medical therapy

Pidaan Beach Indonesia is located on the Jetak village, Tulakan subdistrict, Pacitan district. Pacitan not only have Klayar beach, Srau beach, and teleng ria beach are beautiful, there is one beautiful beaches and unspoiled by the many visitors that the Pidaan beach indonesia. Pidaan beach indonesia can be reached 30 minutes by car via the southern route, and 15 minutes by motorcycle from the city center Pacitan. Because the southern route had been opened and can be used by the general public. The roads were very good and has a very beautiful scenery along the way because the right side you will see the south coast while the left unspoiled mountain views. Upon entering the village Jetak you should reduce your vehicle speed, lest you too so you have to turn the direction. The driveway is fairly narrow Pidaan beach Indonesia only fit 1 car and the road has not been paved, road access and the majority already casted on the beach is still a rock-ordered.

Pidaan Beach Indonesia

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Klayar Beach Indonesia has a beautiful stunning coral

Klayar Beach Indonesia located approximately 45 miles west of the city Pacitan, precisely in the sub-district Donorojo, Pacitan district and can be reached by car or motorbike. Way to the Klayar Beach Indonesia is a challenge that will stimulate adrenaline because the roads are narrow and broken in some parts, sharp bends and up and down the hills. There are several sections of the rise and fall quite extreme. However, the scenic beauty of hills and green valley’s will be accompanied throughout the trip. Who would have thought Pacitan in East Java has a natural beauty and unique as Klayar Beach Pacitan. Not only beautiful, this beach has 3 unique phenomenon rarely possessed by the other beaches in Indonesia. Not only known as the City of the Thousand Caves, Pacitan also famous for its beautiful beaches. One of the amazing beaches are Klayar Beach Indonesia . Klayar coast, derived from the word ‘Klayar-kluyur’ which means the streets. It feels incomplete if to Pacitan, but do not stop at the beach which has a unique different from the other coast.

Indonesia klayar beach

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Indonesia Srau Beach is natural capital of East Java Pacitan

Indonesia Srau Beach is located 25 km from the city Pacitan, precisely in the Candi village,  Pringkuku District. indonesia Srau beach have 3 beaches location. In the east to see the sunrise, in the western part to see the sunset, and that the center has extensive views out to sea, plus the large stones that stands proudly in the middle of the sea. Travel to indonesia Srau beach somewhat difficult to reach, because rarely passed by public transport. Along the way will pass through the edge of the green and leafy forests, far from human habitation. Indonesia Srau beach is a beach that is rarely visited and somewhat still a virgin. Therefore, beauty is completely natural. There are high cliffs and beach typical of many wild plants that still look lush and natural. In addition, many small islands that are uninhabited whenever hard hit by the waves, will add to the beauty of the beach panorama. Pacitan famous 1001 cities cave, there is even one beautiful cave no. 2 in Southeast Asia, namely Gong Cave. Besides Pacitan caves also have dozens or even hundreds of beautiful beach are not known by tourists one of them Indonesia Srau beach. Pacitan will progress if its natural tourist sector is well managed and properly, so that will add to foreign exchange and local communities prosper.

Indonesia Srau beach

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Natural beauty of Indonesia became the world’s tourist attraction

Natural beauty of Indonesia is unbeatable ranging from mountains to the sea has its own uniqueness which are from Sabang to Merauke. Based on a survey conducted by the World Economic Forum (WEF) recently released the 2012 put indonesia on the natural beauty ranked sixth in the list of countries with the most beautiful trails in the world. According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Mari Elka Pangestu, said things are more proud of is indonesia was ranked six to beauty nature. It’s a huge capital to develop the national tourism according to the WEF survey ranking rose from 70 in 2011 to 74 in 2012, he said. Mari added that the government plans to develop seven thematic tour (special interest) including nature tourism and eco-tourism leisure and sightseeing cruises. This thematic tourism development requires the support of cooperation with other ministries and Local Government. This effort is expected to boost tourism ranked Indonesia in the coming years, he said.

natural beauty of indonesia

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Karangbolong beach Indonesia is carved in the rocks by nature

Karangbolong beach Indonesia is located about 40 km from Serang district, Banten Anyer direction. You will see a unique Karangbolong beach and unlike other beaches, unique coral tour here is that as the hills. Underneath there is a hole from abrasion coral sea water long enough, so as to create an amazing reef holes. Karangbolong beach is a gently sloping sandy beach is quite wide, which is bounded by hills composed by clastic sedimentary rocks of volcanic origin. Sand-sized gray smooth-rough sourced from the rocks. Sweep of the big waves that hit the wall of hills produce enough energy to erode, transport and re-precipitate granular rocks. A high degree of weathering in this region accelerates the abrasion process. Sediment layers of lava that are experiencing coastal erosion, resulting in the formation of unique abrasion. Karangbolong beach has the potential to form a strong reverse flow, so it is an area which is dangerous for swimming. Other activities which travelers can do is fishing, where some reef fish species is relatively abundant in this beach.

Karangbolong beach

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