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History of Indonesia Republic, Indonesia is an archipelago country called Nusantara (Reuters Islands) which lies between the land of Southeast Asia and Australia and between Hindi Ocean and Pacific Ocean. On Kalimantan adjoining with Indonesia Malaysia, Papua New Guinea on the island of Papua, and East Timor / Timor Leste on the island of Timor.

history of indonesia

History of Indonesia covers a very long period of time that began in prehistoric times by the “Java Man” in the period around 500,000 years ago.

Period in the history of Indonesia can be divided into five eras: pre-colonial era, the emergence of kingdoms Hindu-Buddhist and Islam in Java and Sumatra, which mainly rely on trade; colonial era, the influx of Europeans (mainly Dutch) who want spice lead colonization by the Dutch for about 3.5 centuries between the early 17th century until the mid-20th century: the era of independence, after the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence (1945) until the fall of Soekarno (1966); era New Order, Soeharto’s 32-year reign (1966 -1998), as well as the reform era that lasted until now.

History of Indonesia in the Prehistoric era

Geologically, the territory of modern Indonesia appeared roughly around the time of the Pleistocene when still connected to the Asian mainland. The first settlers of the region is known about humans Java during the last 500,000 years. Indonesian archipelago as it exists today was formed during the melting of the ice after the end of the Ice Age.

History of Indonesia in the pre-colonial era

Indian scholars have written about Dwipantara or Dwipa Javanese Hindu kingdom in Java and Sumatra around 200 BC. Royal master Tarumanagara West Java, about the year 400. In Buddhism 425 had reached the area. At the time of the European Renaissance, Java and Sumatra has had a legacy of thousands of years old civilization and along two major kingdoms namely Java’s Majapahit and Srivijaya in Sumatra while the western part of Java island Tarumanagara inherited civilization of the kingdom and the Kingdom of Sunda.

Indonesian history during the Hindu-Buddhist kingdom

In the 4th century until the 7th century in the region of West Java are patterned Hindu-Buddhist kingdom that kingdom Tarumanagara followed by Sundanese kingdom until the 16th century. During the 7th century until the 14th century, Buddhist kingdom of Srivijaya in Sumatra growing rapidly. I Ching Chinese explorers visited the capital of Palembang around the year 670. At their peak, Srivijaya controlled the area as far as West Java and the Malay Peninsula. 14th century also witnessed the rise of a Hindu kingdom in East Java, Majapahit. Duke of Majapahit between years 1331 to 1364, Gajah Mada managed to gain power over the territory that is now part of Indonesia and the magnitude is almost all the Malay Peninsula. Legacy of the Gajah Mada, including the codification of the law and in the Javanese culture, as seen in the epic Ramayana.

the history of Indonesia above description of the origin of the name of Indonesia began in the hundreds of thousands of years before the stand as it is now. History of Indonesia  for a very long we’ll continue this in the next article on the history of Indonesia during the Islamic kingdom and others.

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