Karangbolong beach Indonesia is carved in the rocks by nature

Karangbolong beach Indonesia is located about 40 km from Serang district, Banten Anyer direction. You will see a unique Karangbolong beach and unlike other beaches, unique coral tour here is that as the hills. Underneath there is a hole from abrasion coral sea water long enough, so as to create an amazing reef holes. Karangbolong beach is a gently sloping sandy beach is quite wide, which is bounded by hills composed by clastic sedimentary rocks of volcanic origin. Sand-sized gray smooth-rough sourced from the rocks. Sweep of the big waves that hit the wall of hills produce enough energy to erode, transport and re-precipitate granular rocks. A high degree of weathering in this region accelerates the abrasion process. Sediment layers of lava that are experiencing coastal erosion, resulting in the formation of unique abrasion. Karangbolong beach has the potential to form a strong reverse flow, so it is an area which is dangerous for swimming. Other activities which travelers can do is fishing, where some reef fish species is relatively abundant in this beach.

Karangbolong beach

At the Karangbolong beach area there are also the cave is located on the east side. A long corridor formed by layers of lava petrified of waste material. Cave Karangbolong a length of 30 m, width 10 m and height of approximately 5 m. Layers of lava material is a mixture of sand and limestone rocks that formed tens of millions epidemic. Karangbolong cave formation affected by the collapse of rock strata with limestone sand waves due to strong waves Karangbolong beach every day, so scrape between limestone and sandstone rocks are naturally arranged on the cliff. Coral holes will be even greater because the rock layers that hang from the ceiling hole always collapsed under the weight.

Karangbolong beach is beautiful and unique place to visit as a tourist destination beach. Travelers who entered the Karangbolong beach tourist area admission ticket will be charged approximately Rp 8,000 per person. Karangbolong very many beach visitors, the tourists who come seem to be very curious about the existence of corals commonly called cavities or Karangbolong. Direct travelers toward the cliff and watched big gaping hole due to abrasion of sea water is amazing. Most travelers usually visit on Saturdays and Sundays and public holidays, as they can be shared with the whole family to enjoy the beauty of the beach Karangbolong with extended family, friends, and office mates to release mood tired after 1 week of exhausting activity.

view Karangbolong Beach was gorgeous and it will feel like lulled by nature so we feel calm and happy made??. There are several spots to enjoy the beauty of this beach or photographing. Significantly, her beauty was disparate. If from the bottom, you can enjoy the panorama with coral frame perforated half round shape, like a tunnel. There are several large rocks at its edge, can be used as a place to sit and enjoy the view of the blue sea. At low tide, you can walk along the seashore. But the thing to remember by the tourists are on the beach can not swim as many coral. But for tourists who like to swim you can do it on the Pesona beach that is located next to right and not far from the Karangbolong beach. You can ask a guide or coast guard to drive you to the beach. One of the unique beach is tree roots that propagate in this rock. Roots were creeping over rocks add exotic Karangbolong beach. In a large reef, there is a path leading to the stairs on the reef. Come up and enjoy the view from the heights. It’s quite a lot of steps that passed, but the scenery will look to pay your fatigue.

There are shade trees along the stairs. So, no need to worry about overheating. There is a cement huts located at the very top of the peak. You can rest while there. Want to enjoy the expansive ocean view, you can move on to the right side. Guaranteed pretty! Because of its beauty, it was so Karangbolong beach destination for pre-wedding photos. After exploring the top of the reef tired, do not forget to enjoy the fresh coconut or a tasty brains. Yami!!! very deliciously?! If you were to travel to Anyer beach do not forget to stop at the beach Karangbolong. Surely you are not curious about the beauty of this beach, so as soon as you come here. Hopefully this information about Karangbolong beach can help you to illustrate the beauty of this beach.

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