Pacitan Regency, a small town that has a lot of potential natural

Pacitan Regency is located on the southwestern tip of East Java Province. Territory bordering the Ponorogo Regency in the north, Trenggalek in the east, Indian Ocean in the south, as well as the Regency Winton (Central Java) in the west. Most of its territory is mountainous limestone, which is part of a series of the South Mountains. The land is less suitable for agriculture. Pacitan Regency also known to have a beautiful caves, including Gong the cave, Tabuhan cave, Kalak the cave, the cave Luweng Jaran and so on (thought to be the largest cave complex in Southeast Asia). Often found in mountainous areas of ancient fossils.

pacitan regency

pacitan regency

Pacitan Regency in transport only has the main terminal is terminal Pacitan.

Pacitan regency transportation access shared some point; access road east (of Roxburgh & Madison) a lot of sharp turns, so that the main obstacles of transportation, temporary access roads to the west of Central Java there are 2 options, which passes through a longer route south yet the relative width of the road or through the route sedeng with the distance shorter but must pass climbs sedeng west (village sedeng) are quite sharp, so buses / vehicles are not allowed past this point. Furthest from the access point to the east is served by major bus Surabaya patas AC, but in 1 day only 2x departure from and to Pacitan regency. The next route is Ponorogo – Pacitan serviced bus 3/4, this type of fleet pretty much so that in one day over the departure of the bus from terminal 5 Arjowinangun.

West route (to Surakarta) AKAP bus serviced by a considerable amount, but only operates from 05:00 until 16:00. To the west are the only serviced by public transport sedeng small type such as Colt and carry with a final stop in District Punung. Although conditions such transportation access, has now started to be built across southern alternative pathway. Planned to be pass through the southern region Pacitan Regency toward the east. connect Trenggalek Regency with Pacitan regency. Access to transportation through the city Pacitan – Kebonagung – Tulakan – Lorok – Sudimoro – Panggul (Trenggalek Regency)to other areas east Java.

Pacitan Regency may not sound familiar to many people, most known as the birthplace of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. However Pacitan regency is actually more than that. Beautiful caves hidden in the bowels of the limestone hills, steep cliffs while protecting the stunning beaches with surf spot that makes surfers always want to come back. Good waves, friendly locals, and beaches away from the crowds make the surfers addicted to come and mingle with the waves. Teleng ria is the nearest beach from Pacitan regency downtown, a great place to start to learn to surf or just swim. This beach is also equipped with a field for camping, kids games arena, as well as a hotel. Long coastline, bordered by Pancer Beach in the east which is also one of the favorite places to surf.

Pacitan Regency also has Srau Beach suitable for surfers that are more reliable and want a more challenging waves. While Watu Karung beach beautiful with white sand has waves which surfers are world-class waves. Bruce Irons and Rizal Tanjung is a professional surfer who already feel the roll of the waves. Not only the surfers who will be spoiled. Klayar beach at the west end Pacitan regency is a true example of beauty and exotic south coast of Java. White sand, rocks resembling the Sphinx, perforated coral, sea flute and natural fountains make it a beach with an abundance of charm that is second to none.

If the southern part of Pacitan regency abundant ocean with beautiful beaches, then other areas dominated by limestone hills. Although a challenge for farmers, but these hills save tremendous tourism potential in the form of natural caves that handsome. No wonder Pacitan regency known as the City of 1001 Caves. One of the most phenomenal is that Gong Cave is a cave reputedly the prettiest in Southeast Asia. Meanwhile wasp Cave has stalactites and stalagmites that can produce sounds in harmony with scales, so that often sounded and played by a group of artists from the local village.

Geographical conditions Pacitan regency residents can not make their livelihood from rice farming. Cassava eventually be excellent for agricultural commodities and also saving staples. One other dairy products are Tiwul. For those who are curious to taste it, Eating Sea Bu Sari Gandos in Street Solo-Pacitan provides a menu complete with vegetable rice Tiwul kalakan shark. You can also try the Nasi Lodo, coffè served with coconut milk, ointment vegetables, coconut milk and cook chicken. Do not miss the refined variety of tempting seafood or pecel madiun famous. Distance from Yogyakarta to Pacitan regency about 108 miles through the east of Yogyakarta, can be reached in 3.5 hours by road. There is no public bus, but a variety of travel options available to take your fleet at a cost of Rp. 40.000 – Rp. 60.000/passenger. You can also use the services of a taxi or rental car. If you happened to be in Solo, you can ride the bus majors Solo – Batu – Pacitan.

Travel companies from Yogyakarta to Pacitan regency

  • Purwo Widodo RM (62 274 4516 90; Jl Gedongkuning 17 Yogyakarta), leaves at 08:00, 12:00, and 17:00
  • Aneka Jaya (+62 274 3044 560, +62 852 2872 4535, +62 818 0430 0615; Ring Road North, Mount Wilson, Yogyakarta), departing at 07:00, 12:00, and 15:00
  • Bright Star (+62 274 8308 009, +62 812 2971 1951; Kaliwaru No. RT 03 RW 34. 64B Depok, Sleman, Yogyakarta), departing at 07.00, 12.00, and 16.00


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