Pangandaran beach is a prime tourist spot of West Java province

Pangandaran Beach Indonesia is a mainstay attraction Pangandaran district (division of Ciamis Regency) is located in the southeast of West Java, precisely in the Village Pananjung, District Pangandaran, District of Pangandaran, West Java Province indonesia. For the location of Pangandaran Beach is not difficult. Because of the existing trails are very adequate infrastructure. All roads lead Pangandaran Beach is paved hot mix well. For visitors who do not use a personal vehicle, it can use the public transport. When the city of Bandung can use bus or travel directly toward Pangandaran. Or if the bus could stop in Ciamis Regency and then use the bus or car to the kind of elf Pangandaran. The vehicle is present at all times until 10:00 pm.

Pangandaran Beach is located on the southern coast of the island of Java, Indonesia, which is better known as the south coast. Mitoskan place in the royal place nyi roro kidul.dan this place is perfect for those of you who want to vacation or traveled, for its beautiful scenery and not on the other beaches have, because Pangandaran Beach has a traditional inn, hotels, discotheques, traders that sell traditional goods that have become the hallmark of this beach location. The traditional event contained here is sea ceremony, the ceremony performed in Pangandaran fishermen as the embodiment of their gratitude to the Almighty God’s mercy by¬†sweep over offerings to the high seas. The event is usually held in each month of Muharram, to take place on the East Pangandaran beach.

Pangandaran Beach

Pangandaran beach pick the most beautiful locations in the world is Greenland, Greenland is a cliff that is because the water droplets that fall from above, and the water color is green, Greenland is very exotic look especially for those of you who are looking for inspiration and we ideas. Pangandaran is also preparing for the transport of those of you who want to know more deeply about the beauty of Pangandaran beach.

Pangandaran beach also provide your tour guide for tourists from outside of indonesia and the language used by the tour guide is usually put on the English language. And you will see the fishermen who are set out to find fish and catch fish by bringing home their catch. we can mingle with the native people’s Pangandaran friendly and good natured.

Pangandaran Beach has a variety of features such as :

  • Able to see the sunrise and sunsets from the same place
  • Gently sloping beaches with crystal clear water and the distance between the ups and downs are relatively long to allow us to swim safely
  • There is a beach with white sand
  • There are rescue teams coastal tourism
  • The road is paved smooth environment with adequate street lighting
  • There is a marine park with fish and fascinating marine life .

With the supporting factors earlier , the tourists who come in Pangandaran Beach can perform a wide range of activities : swimming , yachting , fishing , traveling by bicycle , the sailing , jet skis and others. For the safety of visitors tour the coast there or Balawista Rescue Team equipped security apparatus . They are constantly in operation at any time on the beaches of the South coast in particular . Guard against the possibility of a visitor who drowned.

In the Pangandaran area, not just a coastal area, but there are also conservation areas covering 530 hectares in which there are caves formed Natural hundreds or even thousands of years ago. There is also a Dutch Goa as a hiding place when the Allied troops came under attack. Natural caves that formed the rocks in which there are stalactites (sediment shaped hard rock) and granite rocks hanging on the cave ceiling. Help granite that when highlighted with a flashlight, will issue a beautiful light. There are four caves, which include: Goa Lanang, Rengganis Goa, Goa Mudal wells, and the Leaning Goa.

Goa Lanang called because in it there is help precipitate shaped like male genitalia. Called Rengganis cave, because there are clear springs and freshwater supposedly a place formerly Goddess Rengganis shower when century Sundanese kingdom centered in Ciawi, Ciamis. Whoever bath or rubbing the face, reportedly will soon get a mate. (This just story). Called Leaning Goa, because if you go into it have to lean over as far as 30 meters and if not, it will not be able to enter. Then, called Goa Mudal Well, because in it there is water constantly dripping and when accommodated with¬†bucket or other places will “Mudal”, water is spilled as full.

Other infrastructure available and the requirements of a tourist area, namely, the Field ample parking. Hotel, restaurant, inn, tourist cabin with varying rates. Postal services, telecommunications and money changer. Cinemas, discotheques. Guides and Tourist Information Center. Caravan site. Bike and tire rental swimming, parasailing, jet ski, banana boat.

Tourist attractions are regularly held, among others: kite’s festival/Pangandaran Kite Festival, Selection of sons and daughters of Tourism, Sea ceremony, Sea Scooter Pangandaran, and others. International tourism event ever held here is the International Kite Festival (Pangandaran International Kite Festival) with a variety of supporting activities which we can see in every month of June or July. Facility becomes subject to the coastal region, is now available in full Pangandaran Beach. Hospitality of the region began to level budget to star hotels. Bungalow and lodging for families scattered around the coast of Pangandaran. Rate the price is quite competitive. In normal days, the price ranges from Rp 100 thousand to Rp 250’s of thousands. At the week end or holiday / holiday price goes up by increments of approximately 10% to 20%. These changes are routinely performed.

Facilities available at Pangandaran beach:

  1. Roomy ample parking,
  2. Hotel, restaurant, inn, tourist cabin with varying rates,
  3. Postal services, telecommunications and money changer,
  4. Cinemas, discotheques
  5. Guides and Tourist Information Center,
  6. Campground,
  7. Bike and tire rental pool,
  8. Parasailing and jet ski.

Tickets entering Pangandaran Beach tourist attraction:

  1. Pedestrian 1 (one) person Rp. 3,000, –
  2. Motorcycle Rp. 7,000, –
  3. Vehicle Type Jeep / Sedan Rp. 28.000, –
  4. Vehicle Type Carry Rp. 35.000, –
  5. Large Passenger Vehicles Rp. 40,700, –
  6. Small BUS Rp. 80.000, –
  7. BUS Medium Rp. 104.000, –
  8. Great BUS Rp.169.000, –

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