South Kalimantan is one of the provinces in Indonesia

South Kalimantan is a province with its capital Banjarmasin, and has a lot of attractions such as Nature, History, Cultural, Special Interest, Culinary Travel, Sports Travel, Travel Shopping, Sights of the many South Kalimantan is very the popular Nature Flower Island. Perhaps not many know that the province of South Kalimantan also has a very attractive tourist to visit. Actually a lot Sights for getaway travelers. If local governments continue to promote the tourism south Kalimantan is not possible southern Kalimantan province could also compete with others in the province Indonesian tourism.

south Kalimantan

map south Kalimantan

South Kalimantan has many unique and interesting places such as river tours south Kalimantan, indigenous Dayak communities of interest, the beauty of the scenery beaches, mountains, waterfalls, until the object of religious tourism.

South Kalimantan has a lot of tourism potential that has not been known just as kahung valleys, bamboo rafting and others, even the invented ever Cultural Festival Floating Market of the Year in 2009 is proof that the world is very attractive for tourism in the know. Many tourism South Kalimantan that has an appeal to local or foreign tourists. South Kalimantan has the potential for as many as 272 pieces of interesting places to vacation destination. Of these well-known and much visited by tourists only a small fraction of them are floating market tour at the mouth of the Barito River, Banjarmasin. Several lists of river tourism in South Kalimantan is Martapura river tours consisting of the tomb of King Sultan Suriansyah, then there Suriansyah Sultan Mosque, then there Baintan Floating Market Lok Martapura River, in the district of Banjar, Panning Intan Cempaka travel and tourism A gem that market located in Martapura Banjar District.

List of tourist attractions and places of interest to other holiday travelers are as follows:

a. Lambung Mangkurat museum tours

b. Tour the museum Wasaka

c. Flower Island Tourism

d. Shocked Island Tourism

e. Datu Island Tourism

f. Tourism Sultan Mosque Suriansyah

g. Tourism Complex Tomb of Sultan Suriansyah

h. Tourism Complex Tomb of Prince Antasari

i. Takisung Beach Tourism

j. Batakan Beach Tourism

k. National Park travel the Meratus Mountains

South Kalimantan has a natural tourist attractions for holidays, notably Regional Martapura, Banjarmasin, Banjarbaru the following list of south Kalimantan other tourist attractions include:

south kalimantan

South Kalimantan floating market

1. floating Market

Floating Market is a traditional floating market is located on the river at the mouth of the Barito river Kuin, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. The merchants and buyers to use boats, boats in a language called Banjar. This market started after Fajr prayer until after seven in the morning. Sunrise reflected light in the transaction of vegetables and garden produce from the villages along the Barito river and its tributaries.

2. Loksado

Loksado is a sub-district in Upper South River, South Kalimantan, Indonesia. Loksado located approximately 40 kilometers east Kandangan, the Meratus Mountains region is a region that is home to the remains of the people / person Banjar (the Dayak) are largely still adheres to animistic beliefs. Around the village there are a number Loksado inhabited by the Dayak people. They lived in longhouses (Hall) which is the traditional home of the Dayak in the region. Progress of civilization a result of global information flow causes Loksado Dayak people who used to live in the hall today fraction already own their own home, as most of the houses in the other inland. Hall so that they are used to carry out Aruh Ganal.

In Loksado there are several attractions, among other

• Waterfalls Haratai

• Waterfalls cascade Hanai

• Waterfall Rapid Fire

• Waterfall Menjangan Rampah

• Waterfalls Rampah Lambin

• Waterfalls Rampah Nettles

• Waterfall Bath Anggang

• Waterfalls Tinggiran Hayam

• Thermal Baths Tanuhi

• Dayak Loksado

• 43 Hall (traditional house)

• Mount Kentawan

• Paring Balanting (Bamboo Rafting)

South Kalimantan

waterfall south Kalimantan

3. Tahura wind bath – the park Sultan Adam

In the garden Tahura Sultan Adam was there some of the most popular tourist attractions are waterfalls and mountains. The location of the waterfall is located in the mountains wind bath. There was also a Dutch pool. In addition to a dutch, there is also a Dutch fort on top of the mountain.

In South Kalimantan, there are many more attractions that have not called and reviewed in this opportunity. With the information in hopefully easier to find places of tourist attractions in South Kalimantan

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