Tanjung pasir beach in the province of Banten

Tanjung pasir beach located in Banten province Tangerang regency district Teluk Naga, Tanjung Pasir village. To enjoy the beauty of this beach could use a personal car or motorbike. If for foreign travelers may use the services of a tour guide. View of the Tanjung Pasir beach is very picturesque, sand carpet beach that stretches wide and many large-sized wooden boat that can carry about 70 passengers. Boats lined up ready to carry passengers who want to enjoy the beauty of an island not far to the beach. Around the Tanjung pasir beach there are many boat rental place to enjoy the beauty of this beach.

Tanjung pasir beach almost every day visited by tourists, especially on Sundays.

tanjung pasir beach

tanjung pasir map

The road to the Tanjung pasir beach is quite nice, but when entering the village area of Tanjung pasir until the road was damaged tourist attractions and lots of holes. With this condition the tourists to be careful in driving in order to avoid the things that are not cool. When travelers arrive at the Tanjung pasir beaches will be put on the parking rates and excursions of Rp. 15,000 / person in May 2013. Tanjung pasir beach is a great alternative beach resort, especially in Tangerang regency and surrounding area. Conditions Tanjung pasir beach is beautiful but the tourists will be a little disappointed because around the coast there are quite a lot of rubbish, maybe this is caused by the flooding that occurred in the area of Jakarta and Banten.

Tanjung pasir beach sea water changes color to brown color instead of the color of the sea water bluish. With conditions such Tanjung pasir beach tourists will be attracted to visit an island that is located not far from the Tanjung pasir beach. The island is named the untung jawa island, this island is a cluster of kepulauan seribu island. To enjoy the beauty of this island tourists have to use a boat that is prepared to transport tourists. The boat rental tariff of Rp. 20,000 / person round-trip, so travelers ushered and were picked up on the same boat. For tourists who want to stay on this island have been provided accommodation at a rate of approximately Rp. 300,000 / night.

tanjung pasir beach

tanjung pasir boat

Not only in Tanjung pasir beach who have beautiful scenery, the island’s beaches are very beautiful and the water is cleaner than the Tanjung pasir beach. Travelers will be pampered with clear sea water for swimming, banana boot, donut boat and for tourists who like fishing you can do in this untung jawa island. Untung jawa island inhabitants quite a lot about 100 families. This information I got from one of the members of the TNI Navy Indonesian republic who live on this island when I was a ship with time to cross the ocean to the island untung jawa. The journey to the island is approximately 20 minutes from the Tanjung pasir beach. Untung jawa island has a small harbor for berthing boats carrying tourists.
tanjung pasir beach

untung jawa harbor

Tanjung pasir beach can be regarded as a tourist spot while because the final destination of the tourists were  untung jawa island. Indirectly Tanjung pasir beach is the gateway to the kepulauan seribu island tourist attraction, especially in the area of ??Banten province. This is due to the distance between the kepulauan seribu islands, with sizable Tanjung pasir beach near the sea journey can travel about 20 to 60 minutes.
tanjung pasir beach

untung jawa beach

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